our founder

Brittany Beattie

Pedagogy of play certificate and Non- violent crisis intervention training.

B rittany has over 12 years of experience working with children and youth. She has a child development assistant certificate, children's mental health certificate and attended MacEwan University for a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology. Brittany started her career as a preschool teacher. After 6 amazing years there she had the opportunity to be an aide for an incredible child with autism for her final year. Following that she was employed as a child development facilitator coordinator and worked closely with Speech language pathologists, behavioral therapists and occupational therapists while she trained interventionists to support their clients with creative and educational activities specifically designed to achieve their developmental goals. In this role many families shared their struggle to find reliable and consistent childcare. After seeing this need Serenity Respite was created. 

Our mission

Serenity Respite supports parents and guardians of children with disabilities by coordinating childcare and providing a welcoming/ enriching environment for our kiddos as well as a relief for their caregivers. 
We are dedicated to providing engaging and individualized programming for our clients that is tailored to their needs. 

Sharing is caring

We strive to model compassion and empathy to our clients and encourage community involvement. Our group respite provides the opportunity to encourage social skills in a supportive environment.

Health is wealth

Physical, mental and emotional well being is a top priority. We offer opportunities to encourage sensory exploration, emotional regulation, fine motor skills, gross motor activities, and support our clients through transitions or any separation anxiety they may experience.

Learning is important

School can be tough but learning doesn’t need to be. Serenity Respite follows a learning through play model. We provide an enriching environment with creative games and activities to help your child develop their skills. Tutoring and homework help is available in a fun and enriching manner.

Childhood should always be fun!

Childhood moments are always special and stays near and dear to every one of our hearts. We know how important it is and we encourage our kiddos to have fun and keep celebrating the joys of their beautiful lives.


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